Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Simon Silvah Dollah, great, on Superpitcher.


Having a few run-ins with ceiling beavers in our household this evening.

("Who ya gonna call?")


I usually forget my posts about 3 minutes after I write 'em...interesting, then, that I've suddenly started getting some comments-traffic on this about a day or so ago, over a month after I wrote it.

This blog has a daily readership of about 6 people, I reckon, and that mainly consists of my Mum and Dad (both sadly diseased) posting under wacky aliases and even pretending to have blogs of their I must be getting, oh, at least 10 hits a day now...

Wow. Syndication beckons.

Still, what's genuinely surprising is that when I wrote that post I honestly thought that no-one (or hardly anyone) would care or have an opinion (actually, hardly anyone does - Ed.) on whether the Analord series was done on analogue or digital kit...I mean, who gives a shit, really...

But keep those comments rolling in, those of you who're still awake; I'm interested in where all this might be going...

I'll wait a few days, then maybe put my final t'uppence worth in.