Saturday, June 11, 2005


Many thanks to Dom for his life-saving Red-Cross Pop-Culture parcel. Soph fucking loved the Dick n Dom in da Bungalow stickers and, as suspected, has highjacked the Batman action-statue candy-dispenser for her own nefarious uses (he was last seen questioning her Barbies...they've all been locked-up in her Pet Rescue Play House (there's now a plastic dinosaur and a large chocolate coin in there too to give it a low-rent Batcave feel), accused of secretly being Catwoman. My money's on Ellie the Nurse...she looks kinda Catwomanesque 'n' I bet that 80's style nylon Big Hair of hers is really a wig....)

Still, check this out:

Which reminds me: saw Kung-Fu Hustle earlier in the week and thoroughly recommend it. It has a strange-o, cartoon-like, hallucinatory feel to it that points at a way for increasingly-staid and formulaic HK films to reinvent themselves without compromising their mythology and heritage. Kung-Fu purists will no doubt moan n groan about the use of wire-work and CGI, but writer-director Stephen Chow has such a feverishly-demented and vividly-twisted imagination that this should appeal to fans of Absurdist Cinema everywhere. Chow should now be considered the Tex Avery of martial arts films. Circle Brophy's been bigging this up for weeks ever since he saw it on Indonesian pirate, and I can see why: it's funny and inventive and heart-stoppingly terrific.

Kung-Fu Hustle is gearing up for mainstream cinema release (may already be out in London...), but I advise you bone up on your Buddhist Palm Technique before viewing.

And if you don't like wire-work, then check Jet Li's latest Luc Besson-directed film - Danny the Dog - which is about to open in UK cinemas as Unleashed. The down-side is that Bob "Professional Cockney" Hoskins is in it, and the soundtrack is by Massive (yawn) Attack, but Jet is fantastic, as usual...

But the one that's really got me salivating is George Romero's fourth zombie flick Land of the Dead, finally due to arrive this summer (after a mere 15 years of waiting!). The posters read: "Stay scared! (signed) George Romero". Hurrah!


Many happy returns for today to my lovely wife Chris, who appears to be 23 years old, yet again.

Which is kinda worrying as we've been married for 7 years.