Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Another digital chain-letter thingy...I watched this one leave Psychbloke in Bristol, orbit the globe and come back to me via Australia. Ah, what the hell; it's just a bit of harmless fun...I mean, it's not as if anything really horrible'll happen to me if I don't do it...(*Gaaaaack*)

Here's what you do:

Post an image to your blog, depicting something (animal, human, metahuman, subhuman...whatever) with arms upraised. Then cut and paste this very paragraph beneath it. Include a link back to whoever sent it to you here, and link forwards to at least three other members of the blogosphere below. Any hardy soul who clicks through the links will thus be witnessing The Largest Virtual Mexican Wave In The Universe...

For example:

(...May I suggest that you enlarge this picture and stare at it for at least half an hour without blinking while listening to "Dead in a Boat" by Wolf Eyes at nut-crushing volume. Then climb into a pirhana-filled bath with Giselle...)

Now, let's see: who can I count on to turn this into something really perverse and twisted? Ah yes... Dom, Glitch and the rotting, bloated corpse of Beyond the Implode. (Did I imagine it, or did it just twitch? Nah, must've just been decomposition gases...)