Friday, May 20, 2005


Synthetic, Linn Drum-driven faux-Cajun Mid-Eighties nonsense. I'm sure they did a special thursday-nite 'dance' to this up The Gardens in 1986

My favourite moment(s) here is/are:

(a) The seemingly random synth-clap that seems to come from out of nowhere.

(b) When she sings "I'm gonna break yer face!"

(c) The almost dub-wise breakdown where the song suddenly seems to temporarily recede away from conscious thought and into a Synthetic Cajun Afterlife (gated snares, Simmons tom rolls and a ghostly reverb'd backing-vocal of "Toot! Toot!") before it suddenly pulls itself together and remembers it still has another verse to go. As breakdowns go, it's a fiasco, but a delicious one nevertheless. Presumably this was extended on a 12". Must investigate further...

This song was the starting-point for "Kitten Whiskey Gumbo", an electronic 'Cajun' track I recorded in the late/mid Nineties, and after a two hour Finnish Post-Folk binge it sounds slickly sterile to the point of being almost otherworldly.


Don't forget: the mighty FALL in full effect on the BBC tonight on Later Than You Fucking Think with Jools (ptui!) Holland.

Apparently, the new LP has Polly Harvey guesting on banjo, so I won't be buying it unless she shaves her armpits and replaces her 4x4 with an eco-friendly car.