Monday, May 02, 2005


Minimal blogging recently due to the fact that all members of Space Family Shirt are currently recovering from a virus that reduced us to a level of biological post-apocalyptic savagery unseen since the Late-Seventies heyday of "Rabies", "Shivers" or "The Crazies". Forget "28 Days Later", we're talking Low-Budget, Badly-Scripted, Post-Ballardian Rural Market-Town Melt-Down.

It would appear that we've eaten our neighbours. Something to do with the fact that their vine was drooping over the fence and needed cutting-back. Our kids started it, though; our youngest kicked off and went for next door's wife's throat...she's only a year old; can't even walk properly yet, but she was up Vicky's George @ Asda dress like an Olympic freestyle climber, and everything you've ever heard about a ripped human carotid artery is true. (I'm sooo proud of her, though; it was just like watching a Larry Cohen film) Still, gotta say: it's the strangest flu I've ever had; one minute I was sweating buckets and aching all over, the next I'm gnawing on a human thigh-bone. Still, at least it wasn't Chicken Pox.

Outside, the street are unnaturally quiet; there's no traffic or people. An unnerving silence has descended on Yeovil. It's like someone's declared Martial Law.

Or maybe it's just a Bank Holiday Monday.