Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I already briefly mentioned this LP a few weeks ago, but I think that its beautifully crazed sleeve-art deserves a post now that my rebellious scanner seems to be obeying me once more. Sorry the image is so horribly foreshortened ((c) F. Zappa) but I don't own a vinyl-sized scanner (or a digital camera)...

This contains some seriously raw, fuzzed-up Garage Psych-Punk from '67 that flips effortlessly from hysterically-demented echoplexed Criswell-on-Mescaline voice-over mash-ups like "Messages from The Dead" ("Aaaaaaaah, Oh God...p-please don' let 'em buuuuuurn me...!!!) and "7th Generation Mutations" ("Earth is born of molten lava/Torn from the breast of a violent star/There is nooooooo Love!!!/There is noooo LIFE!!!"), to a bunch of bouncy Ed Bissot-penned rural-flavoured psychedelic singalongs that have a flash-fried Country Joe & The Fish vibe to them.

The LP is a relic of the (imaginary?) Topanga Canyon Scene produced by living legend Kim Fowley, and his protege Mike Lloyd of The Smoke and West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band notoriety. (...and who then went on to produce The Monkees, The Osmonds, Barry Manilow and, er supervise the music in "Dirty Dancing") Yep, it's smart, it's funny, it's witty and it's seriously fucked-up. (St. John Green, I mean, not "Dirty Dancing"! Though, thinking about it...) It's easily the best LP The Doors never made...

"Canyoooon Woman (Canyon!) /Canyoooon Woman (Woman!)/Dig her wiggle!/Wink at the devil!/Canyon Woman/Dressed in red/Makes a man lose his head/Canyooon Woman/Wears black leather/Canyooon Woman/empties my pockets and wrecks my day/Canyooooon Woman/She looooooves me/then she goes home..."