Monday, February 28, 2005


Because you're all very special to me, here's a review of Saturday night's Matt Valentine gig in NY, written specially for this blog by m'man Nemo, the MV/EE Medicine Show's Moog Mastro Extraordinaire, who was there in the thick of it all, coaxing some serious astral tones from his analogue kit. Nemo is the twisted evil genius behind the wonderous Time-Lag Records of Portland, Maine, USA. Hasten unto them, O Curious One, and thou shall not be disappointed, for there are CD and vinyl curiosties a'plenty...

Time-Lag are a one-stop shop for all your New Weird Americana needs and will be taking up a permanent link-bar residency on my blog. By coincidence, I'd spoken to Nemo a couple times last year, as he's due to put out the eagerly-awaited new Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice LP, but the penny only dropped over the weekend that he might actually be playing w/ MV at the Medicine Show gig I'd posted about last week. Anyways, here's an on-the-spot report, just for y'all:

"Saturday night. Some fellow opened sounding like reverb-soaked Newsom/Banhart lovechild. The vibe was pretty sweet. Samara and band were in rather syrupy loose mode, working well on my ears. Scene was chilly. They just built the stage. The Medicine Show shook some concrete. Myself, the warrior Wildchild & Pete Nolan were all along for the sonic ride... Big Lift Off. I think we cleared out the weak... and the French Guy really dug it."

Now go out and buy some of this stuff. You know you wanna.