Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I really must learn to take things a bit more literally: it turns out that "SAW Disk #2" isn't a collection of abstract eclecto-electro from the soft, lava-like inner-mind of Farmer Glitch but a 2-VCD comp of the film "SAW". Doh!

Missed this one at the cinema, due to, er, having kids. Watched it last night in a single brain-shredding session and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a brutal, gore-soaked little bastard of a film with a couple of, er, 'nice', imaginative twists: Nu Hollywood's Post-MTV equivalent of a Video Nasty. Sure, there's some dodgy acting, but who gives a fuck: this is goresploitation, fer Christsake, not Terrence Mallick. I mean, the whole point of splatter-films is that the cast is disposable. Nice Art Direction, though...

Speaking of which:

"Lunch Box" by Shinji Imaoka is a cracking little Japanese film, ostensibly a (very) low-budget Pink Porno about a kooky, child-like woman (Aiko) who never speaks and who has an affair with a young postal worker. Mainly, they fuck and eat; and occasionally, a bowling-ball talks to her, but the film has a low-key lyricism about it, along with a fistful of subtexts about a woman's place in Japanese society. If you're expecting to be tittilated, then forget it: the sex scenes are off-kilter and surreal, yet strangely 'romantic': a zillion miles to the left of mainstream Euro-Porn... The scenes where Aiko runs around on the beach like a goofy, over-excited child (she's 35), and dutifully makes beautifully-ornate packed-lunches for her boyfriend are incredibly touching. This is a charming, bitter-sweet film with a detached, dream-like feel to it; it's odd yet accessible: the perfect antidote to worthy Anglo-Crap like "Vera Drake".


For those of you stationed in The States: Matt Valentine and Erika Elder (of Tower Recordings notoriety) are playing this saturday. Check 'em out, you freaks:

MV/EE Medicine Show

Samara Lubelski (w/ Hamish Kilgoer and Brad Truax)


Saturday, February 26th, 8:30
At the new Mighty Robot
Metropolitan and River (Brooklyn, NY)

I can't afford the plane ticket from the UK, otherwise I'd be there. What's your excuse?