Friday, February 18, 2005


Holy Synchronicity, B-Boy:

Open me mail this morning to find an email from Loki (see comments in post below) bigging-up (the very wonderful) "The Minotaur's Song" by The Incredible String Band, which I start to read at the exact, very-same moment that the song begins playing on my battered old record-player.

How very, very.

The human brain is just not wired to cope with moments like that. And Goose-bumps imediately collide w/ a strange (yet familiar) sense of Temporal/Spatial Dislocation as neural circuits temporarily reallign in new, unfamiliar configurations (or maybe it just was the quinoa I had for breakfast): an effect similar to imbibing a half-cube of Tick. Joking aside, my mind is ill-prepared for such synaptic disruption so early in the morning...

Yes, but of course, looking at it logically: Loki would almost certainly have a copy of the LP and would almost duty-bound to comment; but, logical or not, Synchronicity almost always leaves my head spinning.

Still, I know what you mean about his voice, though, O mischievious one, but that's one of the advantages of the vinyl LP format: it forces you to take bite-size 15-20 minute chunks. You could always put the CD-player (or i-Pod) on random shuffle, but some albums (back b4 record companies decided that LPs should consist of Two Hit Singles + Filler/Fodder) were designed to be listened to in a specific (narrative) order.

An ISB post? Yep, you betcha. Just as soon as I get my scanner functioning again.