Saturday, February 12, 2005


For Kev Perrett:

"Mornings in the Woods/Before I vanished into what I made..." (Arthur Miller)

Or, as Dom so beautifully put it:

"Shit, man. Liked Kev - named a cat after him."

We never truly Cease to Exist...we just merge with Memory.


More psychedelic nonsense from the desk of Kek-W:

Currently checking "The Operetta" by YA HO WHA (and his band Ya Ho Wha 13), a lost, forgotten Late-Psych Masterpiece from '75 recorded just prior to his unfortunate death in a hang-gliding accident (What, you think I'm making this up...?).

YA HO WHA (or Father Yod, to the rest of you) was the leader of an Hawaii-based Quasi-religious Post-Hippie Cult...and, like all cool stuff, this requires a little suspended disbelief: on a bad day, it might sound like a cross between Jim Morrison and David Byrne fronting Humble Pie, but when the band start flying, well, man, they really fly...

"We are of the Ages...we are of the Ancient! You wanna find us, then look in the pages..."

Right now, they're hittin' a heavy echo-plex'd Acid Jesus Groove with someone bangin' the shit out of aluminium sheets and tympani, and blowing a fucked-up out-of tune trumpet... it's a bit like PTV if they'd gone Sub-Metal. Sounds like an Hawaiian Psychik Volcano is about to blow any second, complete with joyous whoops from a captive cultist audience held ransom in a freezing-cold, early-morning warehouse. Apparently, this was mastered from a cassette and it sounds like it, but in a good way. Boy, I wish I'd been there.

Thanks to those fine folk at Swordfish Records for making this available in a beautiful gatefold double-vinyl edition (w/ some fantastic scanned photos of father Yod and his gang standing in the sea holding hands: you wouldn't get Robbie Williams doing this sorta photo-shoot...I mean, it's hardly career-enhancing stuff) and to m'man Chris F for getting me a rarer-than-hens-teeth copy...

Father Yod was the inspiration for AMT's Father Moo off-shoot project, natch. But you knew that, didn't you?

Circle, you'll love this.


In the immortal words of Gary Glitter: "I'm Back/I'm back/I'm on the right track..."

Finally repaired the damage inflicted on my PC by Van Morrison-sanctioned BT Voodooware that left my Mother Box... sorry, Motherboard... resembling a smoking, crater-pocked lunar landscape or maybe a weird parallel-universe Cobalt-Bomb apocalypse in which bullying World Superpower North Korea have just nuke'd it out with The Islamic People's Republic of Iran...

Or maybe I'm exagerating. I tend to do that, or haven't you noticed?

Either way, back on line. But for how long, well, who knows...?

Who's up for a curry?