Friday, February 11, 2005


Still, on the positive side, I found an odd-looking stick in the garden yesterday and when I tapped it I turned into The Mighty Thor.

Off down thee pub in a minute with Volstagg and Hogun the Grim (Flinty).


Currently w/out internet/email (again) thanks to those fuckwits at BT...posting this from an internet cafe wh/ is being besieged by the Living-Dead. We've boarded up the windows, but it's no use, they're....oh God, they're here...t-there's....naaaaaaggggghh!



So, postings may be a bit erratic for a few days 'til I get sorted again...

Ah, but hush, my little beauties...cease thy weeping and rejoice, for there is a new piece by Kek-w in this month's (feb) issue of Dazed & Confused, a periodical known to some of you, I believe... its subject-matter concerns a little known group of musicians from The Colonies known as Sunburned Hand of the Man. Perhaps this will ease you through these troubled days. If not, then may I suggest regular colonic irrigation interspersed with manual relief provided by a highly-specialised Brazilian lady whose address I will happily supply in return for a little, ahem, fee....

Yours (un)Faithfully,

Mr. K. W. M. Shirt, esq.
Bloomsbury. Friday, 11th Feb., 1893.