Thursday, January 20, 2005


Wow. My ears are still ringing...

That was mon-u-mental. The Comet boys kikk'd up a fiery storm with a thunderous three-guitar blitzkrieg. Mi approxi-mat-iv review iz: Melt_Banana jamming wit Hawkwind. Yeh: that good...

Buy everything by them that you can get yur hands on.

Noisy, angular crunch-fuzz with near-Motorik outbreaks of riffdom. Heads-down, no-nonsense Heavy Spazz-Psych. (You read it here first)

Interestingly, I'm not sure that (m)anybody has made this connection yet (maybe they have): This 'Nu' Wave of US 'Psych' def. muddied its boots in the Noize/Hardcore Punk/Abstrakt Spaz Scene first b4 growing wings and taking-off for galaxies unknown...These guys ain't hippies and they'll break yr nose if you say they are: Black Dice, for example, cut their chops in the NY Noise/Art Scene, then melted-down and slowly discovered the joys of camp-fire texture before going all treacle-y and fudge-like. Sunburned Hand are another example of Baby-Boomers' kids listening to Black Flag and Spoonie-Gee, beating-up their child-minders, stealing Dad's car and running off to join the circus. Comets on Fire are just a bit more up-front about it, I guess; less obviously linear/pulsating than Lightning Bolt, but equally thrilling and, more importantly, fucking noisy...

Fantastic film/video show tonight, too. Stalinist surgery claymation and stop-motion vegetable and shaving-foam abuse that reminded me of my own mid-Eighties incarnation as Op-Art Garage-Surrealist Filmaker Steve Engine. More importantly, they totally made my night by showing some films by my all-time fave cheap-skate Art-Terrorist Jeff Keen.

A post on the God-like genius of Jeff to follow. 'Bout time someone bigged him up.