Sunday, January 09, 2005


This just in, courtesy of Farmer Glitch:

Available from a Spar Shop near you...lovingly recorded by Bren-W; cut, pasted und burnt by Farmer G. Yeovil's finest decksmiths in Full Effekt: will such an awesome line-up of selectahs ever assemble again? This is irrational flowmanship at its most thrilling: watch in disbelief as our heroes cut effortlessly from Bluegrass to Ghetto Tech-Bass to pitched-up post-hysterectomy Funk-Rock via all compass-points between, before finally skidding to a halt (most appropriately) with, er, Steely Dan.

Why? Well, my favourite quote of the festive season came a couple of days earlier when Bren was DJ-ing to an unappreciative 30-something audience:

Disgruntled Punter: "Oi! Play some fucking Steely Dan!"

Bren: "I am playing Steely Dan..."

The cover's got a great Amityville vibe about it, just like the hotel itself. It felt like the backdrop to a (lost) Scooby Doo episode. "Pah! We woulda gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those bloody cheese and onion sandwhiches..." (What was the landlord thinking of...)

Still, an excellent night all round. I was too pissed to carry my record box home and I only live 200 yards away. Oh, the shame...