Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Temperature's suddenly plummeted...Frost Giants spotted on the M5 near Bridgwater...Forget Bank Holiday Seasonal Sales madness; all the indications are pointing towards Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods...

(The one above contains Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's take on the Balder the Brave/Invincibility story that Liv mentioned in the comments box of the previous post.)

(Above, Thor and Balder protect Midgard from Surtur, the Fire Demon, (who had been imprisioned in the Earth's core by Thor's dad, the omnipotent Odin) and an unfortunately-named Storm Giant called Skagg ("Ho! I shall crush the Earth itself...soon as I've drunk a can of tomato soup through a straw and listened to this amazing album by Spiritualised. I'm off into town later to do a bit of shop-lifting...anyone want me to get them some Levis...?")

(Above, Thor takes on North Petherton's "Trapped by the Trolls!")

Now, here's a great sequence of issues: The Ragnarok storyline wherein Mangog (who possesses the life-force of a billion, billion beings) takes it upon himself to storm Asgard and unsheath the Odinsword, which will kick off the End of the Universe. Meanwhile, Odin has decided to take one of his periodic naps, leaving Thor, Sif and the boys to hold the fort against a seemingly unstoppable enemy. "Now Ends...The Universe!" What a great title...this is Stan and Jack at the height of their powers, doing what they did best: blowing the minds of young kids around the world. Enjoy...

#200 is another Ragnarok-themed issue ("Beware! If this be...Ragnarok!"); a sort of fast-forward "What-If" set in the frozen End Days of the Gods. Jack had left for DC by that point, but there's some nice artwork here from John Buscema, as Thor takes on The Midgard Serpent itself...


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- whoa!

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Lady Sif. Foxtastic.


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