Sunday, June 19, 2005


Back from holiday to find I was already on a deadline for a couple of articles that I didn't even know I was writing (or even researching), so have been hacking my way thru a pile of work while you jammy buggers have been out enjoying the sunshine...still, it's cool, music-related stuff that I'm totally into and I gets to talk to all sorts of freaky, inneresting people in far-off lands. Shit, is this the best job evah, or what?

Taking a break this afternoon to visit the South Petherton Green Fayre where the music is being, er, curated by the mighty Farmer Glitch. Looks like I'm gonna be doing a bit of decks or mixer, just a solitary home CD-player, so we're gonna be putting CDs on, playing them and taking them off again one at a time ("Wah! G'waaaan...Rewind, Selectah!" "Er, no, I can't, actually..."). It's either that or The Farmer's I-Pod on auto-repeat, and I don't think the good fiftysomething folk of SP are ready for 6 hours of non-stop Kano and Lady Sov. Seeing as I don't actually own many CDs, I won't be dropping much Finnish Acid-Folk Science or Dubstep Pressure...but expect Mambo and Soca tracks aplenty, all effortlessly pause-mixed with Sparks, The soundtrack from Forbidden Planet, Angus MacLise, The Fall and, er, Girls Aloud...

Oh, and Flinty's band, the excellent El Dopa will be playing around 4-ish....along with various local Electro-Pop, Trad Folk and Ska-Punk bands...and all on a budget of £4.48. I hear the Farmer will be curating The Meltdown at the Festival Hall, London next year. Go, Sound Buoy....


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