Sunday, June 19, 2005


Apparently, some drunk driver crashed into The Batmobile while it was cruising round Toronto driven by Christian Bale (I. Am. Not. Making. This. Up.)

Fucking hell, what were Warner Bros. thinking of, tho'? You're driving along, half-pissed (I'm not advocating this as a life-style choice, btw) and Holy Fuck, it's the Batmobile... Kerrruntttchssht....

Actually, I'm surprised that this sort of thing doesn't happen more often (In real life, or the comics).

Holy fuck! It's Green Arrow and Speedy in The Arrowmobile...Blannnnnng!

Holy fuck! It's an SPV...Smraaannnkssk!

Holy fuck! Up's the X-Men's Blackbird...Spraaaaaakchsst!

Holy fuck! Look's Nick Fury's transparent Lamborghini...Kruuuuntchssssh! (Closely followed by a Hydra Battle-Wagon...Splannnnnnnnnnnnnngt!)

Holy fuck! It's Professor X's floating-chair...Thokkk! Agh, my knee! Look where yer goin', baldy...Nahhhhh! M-my brain's on fire! I-I...Aaaaaagh!

Holy fuck! It's The Atom's tiny, little floating-chair...Plip! Oww, my eye...

Holy fuck! It's Jean Grey's tight sweater...Kluuunk!


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