Friday, June 24, 2005


Circle guitarist Jussi Lehtisalo emailed a few days ago to say that the band are in the UK for a handful of dates next month:

08.07. Bristol / The Cube Cinema
09.07. London / TBA (UK) *****(with Jean-Herve Peron)
10.07. Brighton / The Engine Room

By coincidence, I shall be in Bristol on business that day, so will more than likely be in attendence (The Cube is a great little venue, if you've never been there!), if anyone cares to join me for the evening, you'll be more than welcome.

If you've never seen Circle and you're a fan of Krautrock, Motorik, tripped-out Space-Rock (or you just fancy coming out and getting blatted for the evening), etc then I seriously recommend that you get your arse down there. Trust me, Circle are terrific live. And the Cube sells absinthe.

(Sorry, but I find it impossible to be even vaguely subjective about this band...)

(Above: Circle in action in Exeter last year, as seen thru a haze of dry-ice and, er, gin...Tommi, the drummer, plays standing-up, which is often a good thing, I think...)


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