Saturday, May 07, 2005


The gliders are crap, but I love the artwork on the packaging; there's something faintly disturbing about how it looks. There's a whole range of these, but this two are def. the best:

I love the fact that it says NEW ITEM, yet I first saw these on sale about 8 years ago. There's a paradox in there somewhere, I'm sure.

I wish that other products (food, for example) had pointless or inappropriate text on the packaging; it would make my life so much more interesting. Tins should say things like SOUP INCLUDED! (even if it isn't soup), or THIS IS LUSH!, or I LOVE YOU!, or maybe badly-translated foreign proverbs, Zen koans, horoscopes, personal insults, death threats, pictures of autopsies, magic tricks, pornography, phone numbers of prostitutes, biographies of deserving individuals, collages or prints or pieces of artwork, short stories (buy a pack of six to find out what happens next; a serial on a cereal packet), cartoon strips, kirlian photography, faked pictures of UFOs, knitting patterns, foreign language courses, musical scores, wallpaper, etc, or maybe they could be more tactile, ie hessian, vinyl, knobbly rubber, sandpaper or bound in razor-wire...

Ah, you get the general idea.


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