Friday, May 20, 2005


Synthetic, Linn Drum-driven faux-Cajun Mid-Eighties nonsense. I'm sure they did a special thursday-nite 'dance' to this up The Gardens in 1986

My favourite moment(s) here is/are:

(a) The seemingly random synth-clap that seems to come from out of nowhere.

(b) When she sings "I'm gonna break yer face!"

(c) The almost dub-wise breakdown where the song suddenly seems to temporarily recede away from conscious thought and into a Synthetic Cajun Afterlife (gated snares, Simmons tom rolls and a ghostly reverb'd backing-vocal of "Toot! Toot!") before it suddenly pulls itself together and remembers it still has another verse to go. As breakdowns go, it's a fiasco, but a delicious one nevertheless. Presumably this was extended on a 12". Must investigate further...

This song was the starting-point for "Kitten Whiskey Gumbo", an electronic 'Cajun' track I recorded in the late/mid Nineties, and after a two hour Finnish Post-Folk binge it sounds slickly sterile to the point of being almost otherworldly.


At 4:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not so sure there's much faux about this. it was funny, crappily produced etc, but to the best of my knowledge denise lasalle is a pretty well known artist in new orleans zydeco circles. could be totally off-beam here, but i've al;so heard some pretty good shit by her. also, dude sort out your blog's background - i can't read it and i like to, you know!

At 7:19 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Your wish is my command, Dave! One new background... I try and change it around every few weeks...hopefully, this one will increase the readability of the blog...(now if only I could erase all those pesky words!) Still, the whole blog layout needs a spring-clean/revamp, but it's finding the time.

Denise Lasalle has had an interesting and varied career that's spanned several decades. She's known primarily as a big-voiced Old School Chicago Soul/RnB singer, but you're spot-on; she also crossed over to the Zydeco circuit. In the UK she's known mainly for some LP tracks that were popular on the Northern Soul scene. She's also done some raunchy Millie Jackson style X-Rated soul 'heavy-breathers', and even voiced some Ska-flavoured tracks. She's still going strong and performing live, far as I know.

"My Toot Toot" is, of course, a novelty record, but the whole idea of 80's Synthetic Cajun as a potential genre blows my mind. But I'm a completely ignorant heathen where Zydeco is concerned....anyone tell me if modern Zydeco has mutated or cross-fertilised with Booty-Bass or Dancehall...? For all I know there could be dozens of fantastic Zydeco Glitch or Cajun Gabba records out there waiting to be discovered.

At 11:04 pm, Blogger John Eden said...

she was engagingly full-on and mental on Top of the Pops from what I can remember as well. Tune.


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