Sunday, May 15, 2005


Sadly unable to make the annual UK Comic Fest. which is in Temple Meads, Bristol, this weekend, due to childcare committments. Can't really network or pitch stuff with a pram and a bored four-year old in tow, and it's really not fair on the girls to subject them to a couple hour-and-a-half train-rides just so dad can browse through some back issues of Tales of Suspense.

A shame, really; 'cause it's usually a good day out (or weekend, if I stay overnight). Shaky's going this year, and Warren Pleece'll probably be there, and Dylan Teague and Chris Weston...
I was also hoping to say hello to one of my personal heroes, artist Mike Ploog, who, I believe has moved to the UK and is now resident in Devon.

For any Bristolites reading's on 'til sunday evening and well worth checking out.

*Sigh* Hopefully, next year...


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