Friday, April 15, 2005


As if to rub in the fact that I can't make it to tonight's bash at The Black Swan, Bristol, a promo of the new Vex'd twelve (their first on Planet Mu) arrives, courtesy of those lovely people that inhabit Acorn Records, Yeovil. Vex'd will undoubtably be rocking Bristol some time in the wee, small hours of tonight. Damn...

"Gunman" is a jagged, dissonant slice of Digital Dread with sawtooth synth-sounds, timestretched Dancehall samples and syncopated gun-shot snares...but I prefer "Smart Bomb" with its lurching, bow-legged beats and chainsaw-synth snarls: like their previous singles, it sounds fresh and futuristic; it oozes menace...the music feels like it's pursuing the listener, relentlessly tracking him thru a 3-D Escher-Maze on malfunctioning hydraulics; I bet it sounds incredible on skunk...

Here, the twisted aural Arcade Game references of their earlier releases are given substance by cheeky lo-rez Amiga-style Bluuurps and Ploorrrrps that infest the track like a self-replicating sound-effects virus.

Reckon the LP (out in June?) is gonna be a classik.


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