Friday, March 11, 2005


Another twelve just in from Hot Flush Recordings: "The Lights" by Eric H is a skunked-up exercise in lo-slung dystopic paranoia that sounds (to me) like a hellish night-time ride round a lit-up chemical plant in Avonmouth in the back of a stolen car driven by surly 15-year olds monged-out on veterinary tranquilisers. Plumes of illegal snow-white toxins swirl eerily up into the sky from metal chimneys, illuminated by police-helicopter searchlights.

The B-side is a Search and Destroy rmx: detuned string-synths and spooky whispered vocal fragments spiral down into propulsive Cabs-ish bass-growls and sheet-metal percussion-hits that seem to lunge at you from out of the rank, piss-stained shadows: "Gi'ussss yer fuckin' wallet..." snarls the track, before it lurches down weed-cracked steps into an halogen-lit subway and disappears into the night. On the overpass thirty feet above us, sleek black retro-futuristic cars hiss past, oblivious to our plight.

If you didn't get the hint: Hot Flush are a consistently great little label. Their Main Site and their Blog can now both be found in amongst my links. Been meaning to add them for weeks, but I, ah...keep getting driven round Avonmouth at night by crack-addled teenage car-thieves.


At 6:37 pm, Blogger Loki said...

i love Hogg's book as much as the next man - though it's disappointingly analytical and well researched and thus bears the same relationship to the cover as old NWW albums used to - but as a wallpaper? Just peverse...

At 7:10 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Haha...shoulda known you'd be the only other person in the world who's actually read the book! :-) the wallpaper/backdrop is visible? I've just 'upgraded' to IE6 and I only get a white backdrop (the wallpaper doesn't peek out from behind the central 'band') you can see it, hmm? I wonder if that's because you're using Netscape (you're a Mac user?) or Firefox? Or, more likely, one of my browser defaults is probably wrong. Anyone enlighten me on this?

The backdrop will be amended to something far less tasteful soon as my scanner's back on line. (I've been reduced to scavenging old jpegs from my hard-drive...)


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