Friday, March 18, 2005


Lovely to see Loki posting some stuff on/by one of my favourite bands: Circle. If you've never checked them out, then please, please do...their output is a wonderfully inconsistent mush of dronescapes, Acid Heart Motherisms, Scandanavian Meta-FauxMetal-Vocal-Operatics and Post-Kraut Motorik; live, they're fuckin' phenomenal. If you like the mp3s then please, please go and buy some of their stuff (or check 'em next time they tour)...Andy at Riotseason (see: my link list) seems to be getting hold of a few LPs and reissues on various Finnish labels; in fact, the "Dragon/Empire" LP that came out on Riotseason last year is a pretty good place to start...

Right now, I'm diggin' a cirius-ly bootiful double-vinyl of "Prospekt" by the Circle boys: surely a lost and forgotten PseudoKraut meisterwerk (is that a word?) chocful of demented Nordic Can/Neu/Duul reeferences. Trust me: it's a flavour you've never tried before, yet it tastes vaguely familiar...

(Which reminds me: must review the Pharoah Overload LP)

And Tomi Leppänen: surely, the greatest 'Rock' drummer since Jaki L.


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