Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Kano was on Destination:3 (or whatever it's called) on BBC3 last night...

Unforunately, it was about 2-ish in the morning and our battered old video don't work with a Freeview Box. I was tempted to stay and watch, but basically I'm a washed-up, knackered, old middle-aged muthafuckah and my threadbare army-blanket was calling...

Anyone check it?

("Check it" that what 'The Kids' and Cockney Media Trendies are saying now? Well, I wouldn't want to embarrass myself by inadvertantly retro-referring an Inappropriate Eightiesism that hasn't quite quite cycled back into Contemporary Post-I Re:Usage. I mean, that would make me look a complete Dick. (It is okay to say "Dick", isn't it? Or is that passe now too...?))


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