Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Walking past The Fantastic Sausage Shop in Middle Street, Yeovil and they're blasting out "Telstar" by The Tornadoes at ear-shredding volume (Yeovil's a bit weird like that: the butchers that don't have Parkinsons Disease like to play Retro:Futuristic Pop and suchlike. The one in Prince's Street favours "Popcorn" by Hot Butter and various Moog Compilations; while Loders usually opt for the soundtrack to "Forbidden Planet" (wh/ is a v. weird thing to listen to when you're having yr bacon sliced, I can tell you))...

...and I'm suddenly and instantly transported back to Goodrington Sands, Devon, 1962: the first time I ever heard that song while on an early family holiday. I have a vivid memory of a film or maybe a cartoon showing spinning satellites and/or space-rockets which was being played along to the song inside a (I'm not sure which). Was this some sort of early promotional film or a specially-made accompaniment for "Telstar" (I know they made short film-reels or loops of jazz/big-band songs that were shown in bars in the US back in the 30's/40's, so the technology def. existed)...but why would a 'pub' in Devon be showing/projecting something like this during the day? Damn, I'm sure I didn't dream it or imagine it...I can remember playing outside on the green, and a revisit in the mid-Nineties confirmed this place existed.

Does anyone out there know what I might have seen? Was "Telstar" used in a film or cartoon from that era, maybe? Help....

To this day, I find "Telstar" an incredibly sad song, almost haunting, but I don't really know why. Maybe it's become a personal theme-tune for lost opportunities, for all the dazzling Future Worlds that we were promised but which never quite came into existence, or maybe I'm just mourning for a time, a place and a childhood that can never be revisited, except with the help of Tick (Biphenyl-diazotrophozine)....

Still: Joe Meek, eh? There wouldn't have been a Cabaret Voltaire if it hadn't been for Joe Meek.


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