Thursday, December 30, 2004


Just came across this EP, which I thought might make a good postscript to my recent Vice Versa post on Idiot's Guide to Dreaming. Also, its title fits in nicely with the rapidly-approaching End-of-Year Thang (as well as, no doubt, providing a now-cliched Warhol reference):

There was a point for about a year or so when it felt like Sheffield must be the most exciting place to live on planet Earth. Here, Vice Versa weigh in with "Genetic Warfare" (opening lines: "Spinning car-wheels/burning search-lights/crash the compound of a reseach station...") a song stripped-down to its barest, starkest essentials; a hollow electronic chassis of a track with almost folky-sounding vocals. A dirgy, discordant pre-Goth song is provided by I'm so Hollow, while the clattering rhythm-section of Clock DVA's "Brigade" seems to be an uncannily-accurate precognitive flashforward to "Mountain Energei" off The Fall's recent-ish "Country on the Click" LP.

As for The Stunt Kites, well, errrm: the backing track sounds like a muffled-mix of an early Motorhead single (before they got tight and heavy) or a demo for a mid-period Hawkwind B-side (mixed-in with a punkish bass-line from John Cooper-Clarke's "Suspended Sentence" EP) and some shouty sub-Muse (but sadly, non-soprano) vocals. Actually, I'm probably making this sound loads better than it is (one of the joys of non-mp3 blogging).

2005, the first fifteen minutes: I wonder what that would sound like?


Farmer Glitch just phoned about tonight's gathering...

Seems like he's thinking of playing a set of DJ/Rupture bootleg mp3s thru a Kaos pad. Hmmm: reckon that should contrast nicely w/ my own hamfist'd attempts to mix together a few scratchy Roxy Music 7"s...