Wednesday, December 29, 2004


The 2nd Annual Dave Goldsworthy Memorial Birthday Bash (I'm sure Dave would've called something a lot more irreverent and sweary, like My Fucking Piss-Up...) is scheduled for tomorrow night (DG's B/D: the 30th!) at THE PRESTON HOTEL, Preston Road, Yeovil and will kick off about 8-ish or whenever you feel like getting there. Bren and I will be there from about 7-ish setting up the PA and doing various adult type things, so don't be a stranger. Unless, of course, you are one.

Those of you who went to the bash at The Pen Mill last year can testify what a bloody ace time we all had. Last year, the bar stayed open to around 2:00...but the Landlord of The Preston tells me he's happy to keep serving as long as people keep it could get messy, people. Let's hope, eh?

For those of you that can't or don't wanna drive home...(and believe me, you won't wanna)there's some cheapo chalet rooms out the back that can be booked for the night...or are they the wheelie-bins?

In the function Room, we've got a cracking line-up of Top West Country DJ 'Talent' lined up for your enjoyment: A Man like Kid Shirt, A Man like Trendy Bren-W, A Man like Indie Tyrant DJ Alan Flint, A Man like Farmer Glitch and A, uh, Man like Clare Mactaggart. Just been chucking a few records randomly into my box, like you do, and I've found one or two secret DJ-weapons I'd forgotten about, so those other rank amateurs had better watch out. Heh.

Anyone who knew Dave/Davey/Bun...please, please come along and help us have the kind of party that he would've held himself. Let's do Dave proud.

See ya there. It'll be a right laff.