Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The Red Void Jazz Badge. Jeez, there were, what, five of these in existence (unless Bren-W is still making pirate copies to impress the chicks...)?

Yeah, the Red Void Jazz badge allowed its owner access to places that most mortals can only dream about. Like, the upstairs VIP room at CLICKYS:

Ha! The upstairs VIP Room at CLICKYS aka The Room of a 1000 Purple Cushions. Where all the women looked like Nico circa 1965.

CLICKYS was like the secret cinema club discovered recently in the Parisian Under-Caverns, but weirder. Hard to describe what it was: a sort of Art/Music/Happening Thing that kicked off way out beyond the back of yonder, but they ran a strange double-bluff technique at CLICKYS, in that they advertised. The idea was (I think) that no one would believe that such a place actually existed, so they might as well advertise. In fact, even if you were lucky enough to (a) get invited and (b) find the damn place, you still came away in a dreamlike state of 'huh?', doubting that you'd ever actually been there. It was that good.

Appropriately enough, the poster above is for an xmas bash ('91, I think, but I could be wrong...). CLICKYS held weird themed nights: one was an Op-Art Nite and the place was decked out to look like a cross between a Steranko issue of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a set from "Casino Royale". There was also, ahem, a sort of Lovecraft Nite too (Jesus, still can't believe this was, what 13/14 years ago, and in fucking Wincanton...) with painted animal heads on the wall and a tank full of live cuttlefish, and a massive ritualistic 'fight' broke out amongst the punters that involved black jelly. God, it went everywhere...

Remember, this was at the height of Post-Acid Rave, and, although you'd get the odd bit of House or Techno, there was nothing resembling an actual music policy; the 'DJs' played what the hell they felt like, though generally it tended to fit vaguely around the night's theme. CLICKYS' DJs were playing Exotica/Easy long before the Mid-Nineties EZ Revival at a time when just a handful of St. Martins students thought it was cool to like Andy Williams. You'll have to excuse the early post-ironic use of the word 'Moog' on the poster, probably all sounds a bit dated now, but they were rocking a retro-futuristic vibe way back in the day. Nowt bad for Ye Olde Weste Country, eh?

Heh. I could tell you some stories about CLICKYS. (And I will, but not tonight) At the time, we were sworn to secrecy to a level that made Omerta look like a 'Cross your heart...' style schoolyard promise, but since everyone involved in that scene is either dead or living in Miami I guess it's okay to blab a bit...

Laissez les bon temps roulez.




(The Official Void Jazz 1984 Xmas Card. Art und Design courtesy of Trendy Bren-W)

London Ponytail'd Media Types and Yuppy Scum, take note: VOID JAZZ...the greatest record label in the world. No, not a record label, a way of life. I mean, who could forget the uber-collectible Void Jazz Work-Out Video...

Have a great xmas, everyone!