Friday, December 17, 2004


Well, it looks like the Kickstate revival is finally starting to gather momentum...

Is it just me (no, don't answer that; rhetorical question) or does the backing-track of Kylie Minogue's "I believe in you" sound suspiciously like something by the much-missed Yeovil-based 80's Combat Ski Gear-wearing New Beat synth-cadet Pioneers? Not only that, but Girls Aloud's "Jump" also has a phat-arse 2-VCO OSCar undertow that seems faintly reminiscent of Rich "Pitch" Pitcher and the lads. Ah, Rich Pitcher, surely Yeovil's (or rather Lopen's) answer to Stephen Mallinder...

And there's a bit on Gwen Stefani's "What are you waiting for?" (no, no, not the Deep Purple flashback; blink and you'd miss it) that made me go: "Woah, isn't that...? Nah, couldn't be...could it?" (Cue: grainy fake Tracey Emin-esque 8mm footage of a really, really young Gwen Stefani (but still tottering along on ridiculously high platform-shoes) on holiday in Yeovil with her nan, walking past Buddys 'fun-pub' on November 9th, 1988, at 9:23 in the evening (cut me some slack, okay? It's a holiday...that's why she's allowed up so late) as Kickstate launch into "Concrete Gospel" ("Give it to 'em, give it to 'em, give it to 'em...!"). "That's a pretty song, nan," she says, smiling as she sucks on a strawberry lollipop. And her nan (Western Gazette-writer Justin Sutcliffe's mum) laughs, as if to say: ah, kids today, how can they dance to that dreadful, relentless, jack-booted rhythm...? And they walk off down Kingston and into the shimmering quantal haze of History. Two hours later, Paul Burnett, the landlord of Buddys will drunkenly attack Rich Pitcher, slamming him against the wall after a disagreement over money. But thankfully (for her), Gwen did not witness this or she'd be now singing in some Downtown LA bar with a pisspoor thirtysomething Session Metal band called Ballbreaker...The fickle finger of Fate, eh, gentle reader? ) Still...

Kickstate: Respek' (and Royalties) Due.

And the OSCar synthesiser: the only synth (far as I know) whose cost rose and fell with the World Rubber Market. A sexy bit of kit indeed.


Flinty and Farmer Glitch have both just pointed me at the latest installment in the bizarre soap opera that is The Fall, as Jim Watts quits yet again (still, some good news about Spencer and Steve Trafford that helps explain the recent shenanigans at the Bristol gig):

"Jim Watts has left the group (again). He announced on the message board on Thursday, 16 December the following:

"Well for anyone who is interested I have left the Fall. Again. Not amazingly acrimonious. Usual reasons. Sick of the whole credits/royalties charade. No creative control whatsoever. Finding out that apparently Dave Milner wrote Boxoctosis [I presume this means Dave is receiving the royalties for the song that Jim wrote & is credited for on the album sleeve]. And sick of the hassle over the fucking intro cd's.

A shame though as i have really enjoyed playing gigs and recording with this line up which I feel is easily the best I have been involved with. The next record looks like it will be excellent too. It just wont involve me.

Just gonna concentrate on my own band UglyRadio (who are playing Band on the wall next tuesday btw) and teching with New Order (who pay more anyway).

And before you all ask as far as I am aware Spencer and Steve are still totally in the band. They just got lost and turned up late the other week. Nothing more to it. [They didn't appear at the Bristol gig on December 3rd.]