Friday, December 10, 2004


See? I didn't imagine it...

En route to last night's cracking Sunburned/Jackie-O gig (full report and hopfully some analogue pictures to follow...), Farmer Glitch and myself stopped on the Shepton Mallet road for supplies at Brian Fear Cars. I even bought some fags from Mr. Fear himself (wonder if they're laced with some chemical that makes you really scared?). He wasn't wearing his usual skull-mask, but was rocking a rather nice wolly-jumper, I thought.

Still, I couldn't resist taking one of his advertisting laminates. Wow, look: he's even got his own website.

Many thanks to Mark and Man for putting me up/putting up with me last night. Hadda great chat with Mark this morning about the relative Beardy-ness of different cities. Mark reported, somewhat surprisingly, that Manchester was more beardy than Bristol. He's probably right; Bristol certainly seems less beardy than when I lived there some years ago. I wonder why? So, c'mon, join in, readers: which cities or towns in the UK are the most/least beardy...regale us with yr beard-related tales from around the country. What's the State of The Nation's Beard?

Chris was working tonight, so I got the kids to bed and vegg'd out on the sofa with a Chinese takeaway (the delivery-guy had an unbelievable Cantonese West-Country accent that was completely all over the place) and caught up on some music DVDs: Dredd Foole's clattering electronic live Free-Folk freak-out in a bookshop aka "Arm yourself with love and head for the hills", Van der Graf Generator's frankly mind-blowing full-on fuzz-organ assault "Live 1971" and ('nuff said) The Fall live at Camber Sands 2002 (filmed from the side of the stage and mainly starring the left-hand side of Jim Watts' haircut). Standard.