Tuesday, November 23, 2004



maybe that should be the name of the Idiot's Guide to Dreaming house band?

But who would play what, I wonder?

Nick and myself on squelchy steam-driven analogue patch-cord monstrosities. Farmer Glitch on dubby laptop clicks, futts and buzzes (though maybe he'd go Old School on y'head and dust off his trusty old Woolies guitar). But what about Loki and Psychbloke: show us whatcha got, boys? What would you play in our mythological super-group: Grade-6 piano? A child's xylophone? A rusty, 3-string'd guitar spotted in a rubbish skip? An antiquated Atari? An oboe? Duck-calls? Maracas? An electric violin? A stylophone? A dictophone? Fretless bass? A Game-Boy? Your throat? Some random rubbish found during a Richard Long style planned Art-Walk along Bristol Streets whose names contain the letter "Q", eg tin-cans, crisp-packets, broken glass...? Maybe you can yodel. Or whistle really badly. C'mon, tell me: I'm intrigued...

And what about Kempernorton? Would he frame our twisted 'musical' endeavours with frenzied Gabba-like bursts of Post-Cagean silence.

"It ain't what you do; it's the way you don't do it... and that's what gets results."