Thursday, November 18, 2004


Fantastic post by Farmer Glitch on Canto-Pop chicks. Check it...


K-Punk with a big time grump-on about the Destiny's Child album: "...full of the kind of syrupy, mooning over six foot men soulful gloop that you always skipped on "Survivor" and "The Writing's on the Wall". Lurv songs, 'maturity', proper instruments..." In other words, Mark: Show Songs (or, at the very least: film soundtrack out-takes)...

Obviously, they're widening (or narrowing, depending on how you look at it...) their demographic bandwidth prior to Beyonce's relaunch as the black Barbara Streisand. So maybe I got it totally wrong and she is gearing up to go Urban Vegas Soul, which sounds, in theory, like it could be a great new genre, but you just know how cloying, Post-Mariah and Un-Glam it'll end up sounding.

Still, DC: I always thought that Mis-Teeq pissed all over them in the Pop stakes.