Saturday, October 23, 2004


Further archeological excavations in the garage have unearthed this, The Aphex Twin 1999 calendar:

This little beauty is Miss June (October wasn't that enticing, the truth be known): a Miami Bass reenactment of the Toby-fuelled East Coker cousin-snogging scene so graphically invoked by Loki in a recent post.

God, has it really been 5 years since "Windowlicker"?

Rich James lost his way a bit round there, I thought; his true talent buried under a frenzied landslide of VST plug-ins and overly-anal programming. The video is hilarious, though. The Satie-esque Midi-piano pieces on "Drukqs" were emotionally engaging and showed a possible route out of his creative cul-de-sac, but the recent 'digital-noise' pieces sound a bit dated and desperate in comparison to some of the Mego laptop stuff that had preceded and obviously inspired it; in a short period of time Richard's gone from leading the pack to following it.

I'll be interested in hearing the 'Analord' stuff, but James is in serious danger of becoming either irrelevent, or, like Kraftwerk and Derrick May before him, overshadowed and creatively paralysed by his own back catalogue.