Wednesday, October 20, 2004


"Token Folk Posting." Try saying that after a few drinks...

Speaking of Farmer Glitch: when I bumped into him in town yesterday he was openly boasting that he'd copped Julie Felix's plectrum from her triumphant gig in South Petherton, and was going to flog it on e-Bay. Ye Gods, man, Bob Dylan would turn in his grave if he...

Huh? What d'ya mean: Bob Dylan's not dead...

Says who?

I hate to go all conspiracy theory on y'head, man, but just 'cause Mojo ran an interview with Dylan a couple months ago, it doesn't mean that he's still alive, y'dig? The way I hear it is: The Man had Bobby Zimmerman iced back in '66 after he went electric, 'cause, y'know, he was kickin' up too much of a stink about Vietnam and they were gonna take out Lennon too but he (sound of strange clicking/buzzing/echoey noise in ear) Oh shit! L-look, man, I...I gotta go, t-they're onto me. Someone's bugging my phone. I... (stops as he suddenly remembers that he's actually listening to the new Farmer's Manual LP on Mego on headphones.)

Still, Julie Felix, eh? You know, when I was a kid, I always thought she had a really cool name. But what's really terrifying about that last LP of hers (apart from that whole One Woman Sixties Reenactment Society thing she's got going on) is the fact that Kiki Dee is on it. Kiki Dee? What tha--?

I never forgave Kiki for her duet with Elton 'Billy Bunter' John ("Rocket records, Rocket records, check the guy's rock record..."), but I do confess to a huge soft-spot for her '74 single "Amoureuse", a great forgotten (and totally spooky) Glam Ballad:

"I feel the rainfall of another planet/ Another planet"

Julie Felix. Jeez...

Wonder how much he'll get for the plectrum?


"Il n'y a pas de hors-shit..."

Separated at birth, surely: Father of Post-Structuralism/Dead French Bloke Jacques Derrida and... Peter 'Colombo' Falk.


This just in from Farmer Glitch: Copey's out and about promoting his new book (out this week, I think) with a series of signings/talks:

The Megalithic European book tour> >

Wednesday 3rd November> 7.30pm> Gothic Image - Town Hall, Glastonbury

Thursday 4th November> 6.30pm> Waterstones, Bath

He's appearing in Salisbury tonight, but it started half-an-hour ago, so unless you have access to a Boom-Tube...