Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Ooooooh! It's true: men have G-Spots too and XX J-F Great's just found mine. "Suspiria" by Goblin and Riz Ortolani's "Cannibal Holocaust" in one post. T-too much, man. Thrill Power oh-oh-OH-VERLOAD...

Suspiria's main-theme is the best thing John Carpenter never wrote, except for maybe the theme from Phantasm. And Goblin's soundtrack for Romero's Dawn of the Dead is classic stuff: that tinny synth and bass-drum they use to represent the lurching, relentless march of The Undead, capped by a mock-eerie synth-whistle sound that noodles up and down the scale onna serious Pied-Piper tip. But the fake voodoo tracks are the best: the relentless drumming and the insincere/unconvincing 'occult' chanting...played that at Woods last year too; nice to pump it up and watch a couple of my mong-head mates drunkenly stagger round the 10sq-ft 'dance-floor' like extras from a lost Fulci movie. Sometimes I sit by myself and listen to those 'voodoo' tracks, and it feels like a genre of music that's still waiting to be invented.

Didn't know there was a Goblin site, tho'. Never even thought to look for one. That's going straight on my links list.

Also: love that cheesy instrumental string piece that they always use in trailers for Cannibal Holocaust (I'm guessing that's written by Riz, as I don't have the soundtrack) while Fillipino extras chow down on each other's entrails; it's so romantic...