Sunday, October 03, 2004


Lovely post by Farmer Glitch on Fall producer Grant Showbiz, the Punk/Hippy Interface, and fear & Loathing during the twilight years of Stonehenge Free Festival.

Black microdots. Lord, I'd forgotten about them...


Many thanks to Loki for his kind invitation to join An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming. And also a hearty "Yo-Ho Ahoy!" as we pipe Psychbloke onboard too; which makes us, I guess, some sort of West Country Blogging Conglom. Not a Kollective in the K-Punk sense of the word, but more a loose, overlapping Venn Diagram of shared obsession. Strikes me that maybe we'd be the blogging equivalent of The Defenders:

The Defenders were the world's mightiest Non-Team: they had no charter, no agenda, no real interest in saving the world, but they did. Kinda.

Under the satirical but sarcky stewardship of Steve Gerber (the twisted genius who also wrote Howard the Duck and Man-Thing) The Defenders blundered through a series of whacko adventures wherein they faced-off against the world's weirdest (and most banal) super-villains. The cover above is generic capes-and-tights fare from that era, yet it seems strangely slow to trumpet the fact that in this issue the Defenders are up against The Bozos, a global conspiracy of clown-masked citizens brain-washed by a warped Self-Improvement Cult that's a thinly-veiled piss-take of Scientology or the Exegesis movement. It also co-stars The Headmen, a fabulous group of fuck-ups, er, I mean, super-villains that Gerber randomly picked from Weird Wonder Tales #7 (a '70's Marvel Comic that reprinted 60's monster stories). The Headmen returned again and again to became the Defenders' equivalent of The Frightful Four or The Masters of Evil, but much, much, much crapper. Gerber's run on the Defenders is def. well-worth checking out...

Yeah, so anyway, I'll be popping over to Idiot's Guide from time to time and putting in my t'uppence worth. Hope Loki didn't mind me visiting the blog in the wee small hours of last night and (er, metaphorically) crashing into furniture in the dark while I was looking for the lav. Looking forward to seeing how this all comes together and evolves.

The Bozos had better watch out.