Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Chris tells me she's now working the weekend of 29th/30th, so the Rephlex Grime Party is (sob) out of the question. Bah, puny humans...Kek smash!

The Master Plan is now this:

28th Oct. (Thurs) , London:

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE are playing at 93 feet east w/ SHIT AND SHINE

Shit and Shine are pretty groovy too. If you haven't got their LP yet, then buy it immediately, fool.

I shall be definitely going. Going to need a sofa to sleep on and someone to drink vast amounts of gin with. Any offers?


This looks fun:

Friday October 1st

Kode9 (& Vex'd, Geeneus, Plasticman, Eastwood, Blazey) The Thekla, Mud Docks.

Love ta go, but it's my daughter's birthday (+ party) the next day. Lemme know w'happen, West Country Cru! The only Vex'd single I've heard ("Canyon"/"Pop Pop") is totally great.

Instead, I'm seriously thinking about going to this (cracking line-up):

Saturday 29th October

Kode9 (& Digital Mystikz, Loefa, Plasticman, Mark One, SLT Mob & mc Crazy D)

Rephlex Halloween Party, Electrowerkz, Angel.

Posse in effect: anyone up for going? Should be a blast! Tho' I'm a bit confused whether it's on the fri. or the sat. (they've got their dates muddled, methinks) Anyone fancy going, let me know...

May have to borrow Dom or Trendy Brendy's sofa.