Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Wow. Just got back from the Van Morrison Stealth Working. Whooo...Wotta rush. This involved the use of some vicious low-tech occult ordnance: namely, The Mike Scott Seriously Evil Voodoo Mask. As a result, The Man is now well and truly hexed/vexed, but there may be strange and unexpected side-effects for a couple days: expect an astral/aetheric intervention in the West Country of biblical proportions: out-breaks of St. Elmo's Fire; two-headed calf births; a rain of frogs; waterspouts; sightings of the St. Mawes sea-serpent; spontaneous Wicker Man combustion nr Junction 23 of the M5, etc, etc. If all goes to plan, Van's career will go into total free fall!

Morrison is completely screwed now: in the coming weeks, he'll lose his good looks, his hair, put on weight, etc...ha! see: it's working already! That'll teach him to play Yeovil. Bear with me: I'm a bit pumped right now; I'm all a-krackle with Kirby Dots from the paranormal energy generated in tonight's psychik attack. Phew: it was like an full-on astral work-out! Full report (and pictures) to follow.

In the meantime:

Yumi Yumi play Yeovil Labour Club on Friday evening: Me and Chris have already got the baby-sitter sorted. Yumi Yumi are a pair of Japanese chicks that play spiky, high-velocity Electro-Punk-Pop. Saw them last year and they're totally great. Trust me. If this was an mp3-blog, I'd post some tracks...

Ben Wood's own occasional Electro-pop outfit are supporting (dunno their name): doors open about 7:30-8:00, I think.

Yo! Farmer Glitch: you and Zoe going!?

Flinty's on the door. It'll be a right laff.


Can't stop to chat right now. I'm just off on my bike to launch a psychik/occult attack against Van Morrison.

No, I'm not kidding. Stay tuned for further details...


What happens when Scooter takes helium...

does his voice pitch itself out of existence?