Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Also pissed off to hear that Imperial Records are shutting-up shop in Park Street, Bristol. A handful of factors were mentioned, but increased Business Rates may have been the final straw. They weren't my favourite record shop on the world or anything, but it's another example of diminishing choice; one less place that stocks vinyl and non-mainstream CDs. Bah.

Still got Replay across the road, I guess, but for reasons I can't be arsed to go into here, I've never been that fond of them. Looks like I'll be visiting them a lot more in the future.

It's my daughter's 6-monthly check-up at Bristol's Children's Hospital on friday, so I'll hopefully be able to pay one last nostalgic visit, though a little birdie tells me that someone's already cleaned out most of the good stuff (must've been the bloke who's been buying Troma films in Yeovil: Ha! That'll teach me...").

This is totally selfish, of course, but can any of the Bristol bloggers recommend any other record shops, preferably ones that stock old/new vinyl? Or hey: howabout a Woebot-style guide of record shops around Bristol/Bath for us sad old spotter types? All genres accepted. I could weigh in with some South Somerset/Dorset shops if you guys cover the North/Avon end.

A mate of mine said there used to be a good Reggae shop out Saint Pauls' way, but he's moved north of Gloucester, so I've not seen him for ages. And what about Purple Penguin: is that long gone? There was a House/Dance/DJ-orientated shop down round Park Row way, but I can't remember what it was called...

Come back Roger of Revolver Records: all is forgiven! Revolver: possibly one of my all-time favourite record shops. I remember him sending one of his staff (probably poor old Matt Elliott of Third Eye Foundation...) out to photocopy an A4 printed insert for me because the last copy of an early Aphex single on Rephlex didn't have one. Another time he talked me into buying a brilliant Foehn LP with a hand-printed cover 'cause I think Deb Parsons used to work in the shop too. Or the time he described Acid Jazz as "an unGodly aberration that should be forcefully sterilised at puberty..." He was also the promoter of the (one and only) Henry Cow concert that I went to (so: Respekt Due). On the last day the shop was open, he yelled at a poor, hapless student who had the misfortune to wonder into the shop at the wrong moment: "Oi, You! Yeah, you: STUDENT!" (The young lad points nervously at himself with a shaking finger) "Yes, you! What d'you think you're doing in here? This is a record you even LIKE music? No, you don't, do you? Why should you; you're a student. Therefore I suggest that you fuck off out of my shop right now and stop wasting everyone's time..."

Ah, those were the days. Wonder where Roger is right now? He was made for a life in retail.

So, does anyone fancy doing a South-West Good Record Shop Guide?


Sad to see Luke go. Some of his writing totally blew me away: it was unique and essential. At his best it was spine-tingling spidey-sense stuff. He's left a large, human-shaped hole in the Blogosphere.