Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Just caught the end of Hard Target which was a lot more fun than I remembered (Chris 'n' me saw it at the flicks when it came out: an early Date Movie, no less): Woo's Hollywood directorial debut (if memory serves me right) eschews the balletic grace of his HK movies w/ Chow Yun and goes for good ol' fashioned Broot Force. This is a cinematic homage to Newtonian Physics: you can almost feel the recoil from Van Damme's kicks and assorted shotgun antics. Lance Henriksen is typically fantastic in the few minutes I did see: all grunts and grimaces and a face like a cracked glacier. Love the fact that when he unscrews the grenade at the end, the word 'FUSE' is actually printed in bold on its interior: Sub-titles for the Hard of Ironic. They should have also stamped 'BOMB' on the bomb, 'SHOTGUN' on the shotgun, 'FACILE LOVE INTEREST' on the girl and 'PUMPED-UP COKEHEAD' on VD's forehead.

Best bit, though, was the abandoned carnival floats and papier mache grotesqueries burning and being blasted apart by shotgun cartridges. Psychbloke might get his coffee-table Carnival book yet.


Harry Hill reading the Bedtime Story on CeeBeebies.


Really feeling: "L'Amour" by Slaughter Mob.

Itza: K-Hole love-call t.h.a.t. s.l.o.w.l.y. melts down thru jigsaw-puzzle-textured tubes of hyper-consciousness: femme-maschines squirt m-RNA gene-triggers that act as polymoid pheremonal psiren-psignals: O Yeah, Babeeeeeee...

Anyone out there got a track-listing for the Rinse FM/Forward>>> DJ Youngsta (3rd June) session?


M'man Darryl checks in from Java with a bag of ultra-cool goodies that includes an Islamic Acid Smiley (check tha fez)...

I tried to get hold of a fez for my recent Kid Shirt live debut, but the only one I could lay my hands on was too small. Next time: watch out.

Darryl's written on the back of the card: "This is thee Kraton (palace) where thee Sultan lives: thee top room ov thee tower is v. special koz thee Sultan meets thee Queen ov Thee South Seas (a Goddess, no less) there once a year. Anyhoo, we live jest around thee corner from there...Kool Herc. 4 us!"

Darryl leads a extremely hectic paranormal life, I'm tellin' ya. He could tell you some stories that'll straighten yr pubes. Another Yeovil boy gone bad! We sure know how to breed 'em down here...