Wednesday, August 25, 2004


An unused Black Dice interview from earlier in the year...

April 04: Brooklyn-based sound-surgeons Black Dice are in town, road-testing tracks from their new LP Creature Comforts. On stage, things are getting strange: Eric Copeland and Aaron Warren are skanking behind their customised mixing-desks, pumping echo-plexed Ohmmmm-sounds and mangled tribal drums through an array of sound-processors. Guitarist Bjorn Copeland stamps on an ancient effects-pedal and a tsunami-sized wave of noise surges into life and breaks over the audience. It sounds like his guitar is melting.

The band prefers to use antiquated FX-boxes. Is that why their music is so warm and engaging? "Our sound is very open-ended," says Bjorn a couple days later, chilling with his band-mates en route to ATP, "It’s organic…kinda electro-accoustic, I guess, with some non-musical elements. The way we make music is totally different to how an electronic band might construct tracks. We’ve never felt pressure to conform to any specific musical scene or sound. It’s too limiting…"

Black Dice formed 8 years ago, taking their name from a New York street-gang. Initially, they played pure, abstract noise, but somewhere along the way, they cross-pollinated with the NY art-scene and ended up playing to plants inside a greenhouse at Peter Coffin’s Perfect If On exhibition. Last year’s Beaches and Canyons LP found them blossoming and maturing into a rare, exotic musical hybrid. "We’ve evolved organically," says Bjorn, "learned to structure stuff so it builds and climaxes better. The new album has far more layers and textures. It’s our best stuff yet."

Their music is emotionally evocative; it has a strong ‘visual’ feel. Have they considered recording a film soundtrack? "Yeah, we’d be really interested in that. We’ve done stuff for some small films. For friends, mainly…" laughs Bjorn, "but it would be great to hook up with a heavyweight director. So if anyone’s out there reading this…"


Anyone who fancies polishing up their Prince Albert, shoving a couple of strawberry blancmanges up their T-Shirt and pretending to be Gen-O for the night should maybe check out these PTV tour dates:

(Wheel-chair/Zimmer access; half-price for OAPs, etc)

Sat 18.09.04, Underground, Cologne, Germany. (350)
Sun 19.09.04, Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands. (520)
Mon 20.09.04, Hafenklang Hamburg, Germany. (250)
Tue 21.09.04, Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark. (450).
Wed 22.09.04, John Dee, Oslo, Norway. (400)
Thu 23.09.04, OFF
Fri 24.09.04, Volsbuehne, Berlin, Germany (700)
Sat 25.09.04, St. John's Church, Gdansk, Poland. (1,200)
Sun 26.09.04, Proxima, Warsaw, Poland. (900)
Mon 27.09.04, OFF
Tue 28.09.04, ????, Dresden/ Munich / Frankfurt, Germany.
Wed 29.09.04, Abaton, Prague, Czech Republic. (600)
Thu 30.09.04, Monastery, Vienna, Austria. (350)
Fri 01.10.04, Mocvara, Zagreb, Croatia. (450)
Sat 02.10.04, Ministry, Firenze, Italy. (1,000)
Sun 03.10.04, OFF
Mon 04.10.04, Bad Bonn, Duedingen, Switzerland. (200)
Tue 05.10.04, La Maroquinerie, Paris, France. (400)
Wed 06.10.04, CC Luchtbal, Antwerp, Belgium. (400/1,000)
Thu 07.10.04, OFF
Fri 08.10.04, Sa Bandeira, Porto, Portugal. (1,200)
Sat 09.10.04, The Forum, London, UK. (2,110)
Sun 10.10.04, TNT Club, Athens, Greece
Mon 11.10.04, off-travel
Tue 12.10.04, Moscow, Russia
Wed 13.10.04, St. Petersburg, Russia

U.S.A. Tour Dates:
Tue 11/2/04, Los Angeles, CA, Knitting Factory
Wed 11/3/04, San Francisco, CA, DNA Lounge
Fri, 11/5/04, Portland, OR, Sabala’s
Sat 11/6/04, Seattle, WA, Chop Suey