Thursday, August 05, 2004


This is scary.

But not as scary as this!

Yes, left to its own devices that loop will play forever. I tried it out; no alcohol, drugs, food or water, ok? The first five hours were petty bad: boredom turned into depression, which turned into rage, and finally resignation and acceptance. Once I went through the pain threshold, things really started happening for me...It started to sound like the best Neu! track ever made, a motorik mantra riding the thin grey ribbon to Forever. And then I started laughing. Hysterically. Because....because, what she's saying is soooo true, y'know...after several thousand times of hearing it, I really began to understand and I...I dunno if I was dehydrated or some chemical switch in my head went on, but my depth perception went awol and my vision started getting grainy and things started going yellow and grey like I was about to pass out...and then the colours started flowing past me: grid upon overlapping grid of 3-dimensional hypertoons, all shifting and interlocking in different permutations and I suddenly realised I was seeing the underlying building-blocks of Reality Itself: the Quantal Foam that underpins Everything...hell, this was far better than any K-hole or a DMT 'business-trip': Time itself was malleable here; soft and flexible, I could look around a corner in Space-Time and see myself as I was earlier... watching myself watching myself watching myself until I telescoped out like an infinite 4-D millipede made up of every image of myself that has ever been or will be...a tunnel of omniversal possibilities that spiralled down through N-Space towards the Strange Attractor...Reality's own full stop. A billion flickering paradimensional variants of myself arrived simultaneously and merged with the Godhead. We became one with all Creation. It was...

Then, one last explosion of light as everything suddenly inverted itself, turned itself inside-out like a weird origami-puzzle or the blossom of a flower, revealing its final manifestation: an endless white expanse of Nothingness. I'd arrived. Perfection. Satori.

And The Buddha was waiting for me there.

And (s)he looked a lot like this:

the ileum mask

the ileum mask were Yeovil's answer to...I...I don't know what they were Yeovil's answer to. They split up before they did anything whatsoever. That's considered a bit passe these days but I think they might have been the first to do it.
Please note:
(a) They spelled their name in lower-case long before the recent crop of Late-Nineties laptop/post-electronica bands, and, most importantly...
(b) The Post-Ironic use of a Frankie T-Shirt in >gasp< 1990.
The signs they're holding (click to enlarge) read: "EEEEEEEK!", "ARRRGGH!" and "OUCH!" How ahead of their time is that?