Wednesday, August 04, 2004


A match-book (unused! - I'm saving it for a special occasion) produced as a promo-gimmick for 'The Infotainment Scan." Ah, hell, why should I give all my best stuff to The Fall website, huh?

Promos: Aphex Twin Calendar with stills from "Windowlicker"; 1980's Edition of 4AD Posters and postcards in a cardboard cover; a cassette edition of "DRAFT 7.30" by Autechre; Jim Thirlwell Foetus box-set with T-Shirt (still fits!); A Frankie Relax T-Shirt; Garbage single in a Rubber sleeve; The Residents "Duck Stab" pack with T-shirt, EP and Poster; A Jason Donovan T-Shirt (wish I still had that!); Island Records present: An Evening with Julian Cope 1986 T-Shirt; A Pet Shop Boys mug; An Ant and Dec mug; A Duran Duran mug (my pride and joy!); A set of matching minimal-covered DFA records CD-singles; A Bon Jovi clock; A yellow Hulk Hogan digital wrist-watch; A Dannii Minogue postcard (now defaced with a moustache by my wife - is nothing sacred!?); A Frank Sidebottom postcard; A badge from Riot Season records; A Fall badge; A Throbbing Gristle badge; A 1974 Hawkwind Tour Programme; A paper cup with the old BBC logo from their Bristol Studios; A T-Pau mirror; A Be-Bop Deluxe Tour Programme (1978? with John Cooper-Clarke supporting!?); A programme from a Derek Jarman exhibition on Portland Island; A Frankie Goes to Hollywood box to put their 12" singles in; A Frank Zappa 1978 tour T-shirt (from the night Ben Watson - Out to Lunch - got on stage!); A Steve Hillage Tour Programme; A fake Fall newspaper - "The Sinister Times"; A programme from The Judge Dredd film premiere;
A Psychic TV badge; a Def-Jux CD of "Fantastic Damage" by El-P: mixed by DJ Abilities; Rawkus Records present: Scratch Vol. 1 cassette sampler; A Portishead VHS promo-video; An Add N to (X) "Black Regent" promo VHS; An AFX CD of tracks from Drukqs; a Def-Jux various artists sampler-CD; an Add N to (X) hexagonal single; a Banarama picture disk; a Butthole Surfers transparent 3" single; A Psychik Warriors Ov Gaia T-Shirt; A Warp Records T-Shirt with logo; A Fall "G + 2G" T-Shirt; A St. Etienne T-Shirt; An invite to a Dazed & Confused party in New York hosted by Michael Stipe (I couldn't go - I had work the next day!); A Little Jimmy Osmond mug; A Tigerbeat6 various artists CD; A poster of Nona Hendrix; a limited edition (12!) "Kwalo Klobinski" Teardrop Explodes T-shirt as worn by Cope on "Old Grey Whistle Test"; an Ohr Records sampler; a Howard Jones sweat-band; a Fan Club Only 7" by Haircut One Hundred; a signed photo of Sinitta; a Comsat Angels jigsaw picture-disk; a Lemmy Ashtray.


"EARTH'S IMPOSSIBLE DAY" is the sub-title of Side-1 (on the vinyl) of SHIFT-WORK by THE FALL. It's also the title of a Hawkman strip from The Brave and The Bold #44 (october 1962) by the late, great Gardner Fox and the great (but still very much alive) Joe Kubert. 'Course we knew all along that MES was a comics nerd...the lyrical references to Lovecraft and Dick and Jack Kirby; calling a track "Riddler!" on Bend Sinister (not to mention the Joker toy, er, action-figure on the inner sleeve of the same...). London Dec. '03, Carling Academy: Smith is on-stage, name-checking Fritz Leiber in his ad-libs: Fafnir and the Grey Mouser, eh? Is there no end to his shameless behaviour.