Monday, July 19, 2004


Many thanks to CyRus da VyRus for providing me with an astounding mpeg of Russian House/Pop outfit Dziewczjonka... their promo has to be seen to be believed: it looks like it's been shot on the beach at Weymouth by a couple of Milli Vanilli lookalikes in cossack shirts who bought a video-camera from Argos, used it for the afternoon, then took it back. (We did that once in '89 with a Speak and Spell machine so that we could sample it...yeah, I know: it was a bit Depeche Mode)  I think I recognise the two blokes in the band: In fact, I'm sure I saw them dancing to Wham once at The Electric Studio, Yeovil on a friday night circa 1984. Just after Happy Cocktail Hour. "In the Club Tropicana, the drinks are free..." Nice trousers, lads. And cracking use of a old Casio home-keyboard too.  
    I'd been meaning to post for ages about Romanian Uber-Pop group O-Zone and their wing-of-a-plane-dancing antics, but, after watching this video, I feel the moment has gone; the Zeitgeist has well and truly moved on. No idea what the song is called but, trust me, it's bloody marvellous.  The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming... !
    Trawled for some data on them, but the only info I could find was on a dodgy Polish Pop forum: 
    "Nie wiem jaki to zespół. Generalnie jeśli uważacie, że polskie zespoły grające disco to dno to zobaczcie to:) Można nazwać to rusco-polo :D
      Porywający układ taneczny połączony z niesamowitymi zdolnościami wokalnymi obu panów tworzą niepowtarzalny klimat disco. Sami zobaczcie przy jakiej muzyce bawią się nasi sąsiedzie ze wschodu. Tatu to już historia!!! ;)"
    The only words I can make out are "Disco" and "Tatu" this bodes well. I know a Brian Wilson fan of Polish descent so I'll get it translated tomorrow...