Saturday, June 19, 2004


Well, I tried tracking down Goldfrapp's equipment list to see if my suspicions were correct and they were a bunch of Vintage Kit Avoidists (cue: Fall song title)...but I couldn't find any info on what keyboards they use live. This in itself seems pretty fishy to me. I smell a cover-up of X-File proportions. I would ask John Parish but he's probably in on it too. I'm seriously contemplating writing a creepy fake fan-letter to, ahem, Computer Music magazine to see if they can get a kit-list out of the band, but somehow, life seems too short.

A bit of research revealed that, yes indeed, Goldfrapp's bassist has had some prior as a session-bozo with Robert Plant's group. That explains his fucking hat then.


ManWoman is a Canadian artist and Swastika Redeemer. He's not a Nazi or an anti-Semite; he's a deeply spiritual man whose life-long mission is to resanctify the swastika as a holy symbol as used by the Buddhists and Hindus. He recently sent me this picture (above) along with some jpegs of his swastika tats; it's subtitled "Death does Hollywood". MW likes to dress up as a character called Mr. Death at his gallery openings, and on AIDS marches, etc. Is he the 5th member of The Residents, I wonder. It was taken at The Clown Room on Hollywood Boulevard, LA. The girl on the left, he tells me, somewhat poignantly, has subsequently died from AIDS.


Seigfreid and Roy: "Masters of The Uncanny" it says on the back of a postcard that Dom recently sent me from Las Vegas and I certainly believe that...the tiger looks stuffed or in a hypnotic trance. Maybe they pumped it full of ketamine. Shit and Shine are big fans. C. Louse, their guitarist told me: "We love their hair. We have so much in common with them." Does anyone have access to a post-mauling photograph? I would love to see one.


So, anyway, I walk up my local shop to get a paper and the new issue of Bizarre magazine is in, complete with my article/interview with Shit and Shine...looks like it's been seriously shaved back to a 3/4-pager to make way for some Beastie Boys quotes...I prefered the original but, hey, editors edit; that's what they do. The S'n'S LP "You're lucky to have friends like us" is out on the ever-reliable Riot Season label and is a sort of frisky melange (is that a real word?) of Williamson-era Stooges and Hardcore Garden Hardware (that's lawnmowers to you, bub, not a Sarf London Grime Cru)...there's an accidental(?) homage to Can's "Unlimited Edition"; loads of needless swearing and the aural equivalent of gurning over home-brewed no-fi drum-loops, cracked guitar solos and Casiotone abuse; people come and go, slam doors, scream and make random castrated-cat noises....Yes, it is Big and it is clever. I love it; it's got a mid-Eighties genre-less-ness, a couldn't-give-a-fuck frisson about it...if the Butthole Surfers had grown up and attended a Secondary Modern school in Chiswick they might have sounded something like this. It's so refreshingly non-careerist and it sounds all the better for it. Is it Rock/Drone/Noise or What? I honestly don't know and I could care less either. Parts of the LP sound like early SPK having a custard-pie fight with...Who? Mainliner? Manowar? Or some pissed-up past-it pub-rockers who used to be on Stiff Records?

What is it with SPK though? (System Planning Korporation. Surgical Penis Klinik.) At the time I think everyone thought they were strictly 2nd division Industrialists who would never amount to nowt (though Graham Ravell has since made a bob or two nicey-fying mainstream Hollywood soundtracks)... Have SPK unexpectedly become a subliminal influence on a new generation of bedroom-based grungetronicists. I keep hearing stuff...mainly American...that reminds me of SPK (Pre "Metal Dance" 'natch)...I certainly hear echoes of their sound, such as it was, in Wolf Eyes' home-made oscillator and foot-pedal soundtracks. Vast tracts of Rhode Island and Oregon appear to have been infected by the SPK virus if some of the CD-Rs currently sneaking out of the States are anything to go by. Or maybe it's just a co-incidence. I'm curious, though: have any of these bands actually heard SPK?

Arriving home, I accidentally started singing a Supertramp song.