Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Just caught the end of Hard Target which was a lot more fun than I remembered (Chris 'n' me saw it at the flicks when it came out: an early Date Movie, no less): Woo's Hollywood directorial debut (if memory serves me right) eschews the balletic grace of his HK movies w/ Chow Yun and goes for good ol' fashioned Broot Force. This is a cinematic homage to Newtonian Physics: you can almost feel the recoil from Van Damme's kicks and assorted shotgun antics. Lance Henriksen is typically fantastic in the few minutes I did see: all grunts and grimaces and a face like a cracked glacier. Love the fact that when he unscrews the grenade at the end, the word 'FUSE' is actually printed in bold on its interior: Sub-titles for the Hard of Ironic. They should have also stamped 'BOMB' on the bomb, 'SHOTGUN' on the shotgun, 'FACILE LOVE INTEREST' on the girl and 'PUMPED-UP COKEHEAD' on VD's forehead.

Best bit, though, was the abandoned carnival floats and papier mache grotesqueries burning and being blasted apart by shotgun cartridges. Psychbloke might get his coffee-table Carnival book yet.


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