Monday, September 06, 2004


I was about to clutter up Gutterbreakz' comments box even further when I remembered I had my own blog. Duh! Sorry, Nick...

Now, about that LP by Egg. Yes, Matt, there were three of them. Just found this:

I'm losing my mind (or memory). The Egg LP I had was actually the first one: er...'Egg' wh/ was def. Pre-Prog (1970?)...I recognise it from the track titles and the fact it was on Deram. Seem to remember it had lots of fuzzed-up (and possibly ring-modulated?) organ on it.

But how did I know that Steve Hillage was on an LP I've probably never even heard?

Don't know how I could have possibly known that. How strange: I must have seen/picked up 'Civil Surface' (not 'Service' as I wrongly called it) somewhere or other. Isn't it incredible the amount of micro-detail the brain retains about nothing-in-particular? Still, 'Civ/Surf' looks dead interesting; I'm a total sucker for chamber-wind sections. I see it's got Lindsay Cooper (my favourite bassoonist) on it. Saw her play with Henry Cow once and fancied her like mad for at least 3 days afterwards.

Fancying a bassoonist: how twisted is that?


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