Friday, August 06, 2004


Hey, some thanks are in order, I think.

Particularly to the people who have paid me a visit recently and taken the time to make kind and constructive comments on their own blogs. I will def. get some permanent links sorted soon in the next few days, and try and tart the ol' blog up a bit. There's no excuse, really. But, in the meantime...

Big up: k-punk and gutterbreakz. Really appreciate the feedback and the chat and the props, guys. Yr blogs are the doggies. Keep on keepin' on!

And I'm really feeling what woebot is saying about CD comps done by your mates, like dis:
In other words, a big ta! to CyRus da VyRus for turning my dull day into something else. Hindi Hard-House: You fucking evil genius! And I was still reeling from last week's monster Euro-Cheese Fest, ie this:

Cheers, mate.

Gotta say, though, that I hate most commercially-available far as I'm concerned, they're just data and, as such, feel strangely empty and unreal to me; it's like buying air or water; I don't understand why I should have to pay for them. I can't help myself; I'm so shallow...I've bought into that whole Product-Object thing...if the CD's on Mego or something and it has a cool laminated cardboard cover, or if it looks as if someone has actually made an effort then I don't mind so much, tho' I still grumble that it isn't out on vinyl. But...

But, yeah, there's something intangibly great about the hand-scrawled comp. CD done by a friend; it makes me think of car tapes...cassette compilations (often complete with a crap collaged/felt-tip pen cover) that a mate recorded for you one night when he was bored or pissed...what makes all the difference here is the fact that someone actually spent some time doing it for you: they love this stupid stuff and they want you to hear it. It adds a weird emotional weight to the contents. A sort of contact high.

Here's one that upstart-scallywag Farmer Glitch did for me last Christmas:

Great cover. Photoshop6. Yeah: 10 outa 10 for effort, maaan. No doubt, it was the nearest thing within reaching distance when he burnt the CD. In fact, when he gave it to me, he looked kinda sheepish and said: "Uh, it's not actually Photoshop6, but I can get you a copy if you want one..."
It doesn't look much on the surface, but it contains more data than the British Museum: movies & music & all sorts of weird important shit; snapshots of a particular time and place; freeze-frames of someone else's excitement.
Farmer Glitch: Keepin' it real. Real Media-Playa, more like.

Ta to all o'youse.


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