Monday, August 30, 2004


Okay, so you got cidered-up at the Wurzels gig on friday, and pie-and-mashed with Chas and Dave in Chilthorne Domer at lunchtime today. Bet you're feeling pretty hollowed out and empty right are you gonna fill all those long, long, lonely hours until you eventually grow old and die (or see Van Morrison)...

Well, this thursday there's an Evening of Clairvoyance in the Awareness Centre at the Unitarian Hall, Yeovil. I think me mate Darryl was pretty big on the Spiritualist Scene in Yeovil...he used to go to seances and stuff rather than the cinema. (It was cheaper and more interesting) If yer reading this, Daz...maybe you could, uh, share one or two of your weird Yeovil paranormal experiences with us, via the comments box. Altogether, now: hold hands...Darryl, are yoooooooou theeerrrrrre....?

And on September 9th The South Somerset Humanists Society meet in Mulberry's Bistro, Union Street, Yeovil. And, if you're really lucky, there'll be a massive scrap outside the Wine Vaults (opposite Mulberrys) at chucking-out time like there usually is most evenings ...

And, don't forget: There's Belly Dancing Classes at the Labour Club every wednesday.

Phew. Dunno how I'll fit it all in.


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