Wednesday, August 04, 2004


A match-book (unused! - I'm saving it for a special occasion) produced as a promo-gimmick for 'The Infotainment Scan." Ah, hell, why should I give all my best stuff to The Fall website, huh?

Promos: Aphex Twin Calendar with stills from "Windowlicker"; 1980's Edition of 4AD Posters and postcards in a cardboard cover; a cassette edition of "DRAFT 7.30" by Autechre; Jim Thirlwell Foetus box-set with T-Shirt (still fits!); A Frankie Relax T-Shirt; Garbage single in a Rubber sleeve; The Residents "Duck Stab" pack with T-shirt, EP and Poster; A Jason Donovan T-Shirt (wish I still had that!); Island Records present: An Evening with Julian Cope 1986 T-Shirt; A Pet Shop Boys mug; An Ant and Dec mug; A Duran Duran mug (my pride and joy!); A set of matching minimal-covered DFA records CD-singles; A Bon Jovi clock; A yellow Hulk Hogan digital wrist-watch; A Dannii Minogue postcard (now defaced with a moustache by my wife - is nothing sacred!?); A Frank Sidebottom postcard; A badge from Riot Season records; A Fall badge; A Throbbing Gristle badge; A 1974 Hawkwind Tour Programme; A paper cup with the old BBC logo from their Bristol Studios; A T-Pau mirror; A Be-Bop Deluxe Tour Programme (1978? with John Cooper-Clarke supporting!?); A programme from a Derek Jarman exhibition on Portland Island; A Frankie Goes to Hollywood box to put their 12" singles in; A Frank Zappa 1978 tour T-shirt (from the night Ben Watson - Out to Lunch - got on stage!); A Steve Hillage Tour Programme; A fake Fall newspaper - "The Sinister Times"; A programme from The Judge Dredd film premiere;
A Psychic TV badge; a Def-Jux CD of "Fantastic Damage" by El-P: mixed by DJ Abilities; Rawkus Records present: Scratch Vol. 1 cassette sampler; A Portishead VHS promo-video; An Add N to (X) "Black Regent" promo VHS; An AFX CD of tracks from Drukqs; a Def-Jux various artists sampler-CD; an Add N to (X) hexagonal single; a Banarama picture disk; a Butthole Surfers transparent 3" single; A Psychik Warriors Ov Gaia T-Shirt; A Warp Records T-Shirt with logo; A Fall "G + 2G" T-Shirt; A St. Etienne T-Shirt; An invite to a Dazed & Confused party in New York hosted by Michael Stipe (I couldn't go - I had work the next day!); A Little Jimmy Osmond mug; A Tigerbeat6 various artists CD; A poster of Nona Hendrix; a limited edition (12!) "Kwalo Klobinski" Teardrop Explodes T-shirt as worn by Cope on "Old Grey Whistle Test"; an Ohr Records sampler; a Howard Jones sweat-band; a Fan Club Only 7" by Haircut One Hundred; a signed photo of Sinitta; a Comsat Angels jigsaw picture-disk; a Lemmy Ashtray.


At 9:47 am, Blogger farmer glitch said...

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At 5:02 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

How about a T-Rex program from a gig circa 75 ... or a Good Michanaires badge ... spare set of News-Paper posters from 2nd Pop Group LP (For How Much Longer ...) or .... Orange - X-Ray Specs - Day the World turned Dayglo 7 inch .... or ..... Concert Program from a Mud gig - 1975 - Yeovil Johnson Hall (ahh the memory of it...) - nope ... ok last chance - Graveyard and Ballroom by ACR - first pressing cassette on Factory (unplayed - yeah right!) .... or .. personal taping of The Fall and Michael Clarke Ballet performing "Curious Orange' at Saddlers Wells theater - nope ... ok - best left to last - T-Rex ("I love Bolan") fab scarf - including tassles - in a lovely shade of bright-yellow !! lovely stuff..

At 5:53 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

T-Rex '75...Good Missionaries...ACR...Mud...By God, sir, you are Stephen Ives of The Daily Mirror and I claim my £10!! Already got the Pop Group 'Newpaper', thank you very much! Did you get the Slits/Pop Group joint poster? Ha! I thought not...bally Johnny-Come-Latelies. I met Viv Albertine once and, by jove, she was a comely young filly! Get a job, you young rascal! Up the Empire! Gawd bless the queen!
I am jealous of that T-Rex scarf, though. Didn't you write 'Bring back T-Rextasy' on your pencil-case once?

At 1:42 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

Nah - I write for the Sport these days - much better editorial freedom... ain't got the Slits/Pop Group poster - but do have a cool 'Slits in da jungle' one on fetching yellow paper - as produced by Bristol Students Uni for a gig - when - WHO KNOWS - anything pre-1987 is complete foreign territory for me !?

Not sure about the pencil case (maybe you were thinking of my fetching school folder covered in old-pages of Sniffin Glue (easy mistake sir!) I however do still have some posters from circa-73 bedroom wall - of a fetching tie-dyed bolan - in Les-Paul grimmace (god bless the little lad) - also have sheet music for Telegram Sam - that must be worth a straigh-swap for the Bon Jovi clock! I will even throw in a Lynard Skynard and Deep Purple poster - just to show what a fair guy I can be !

At 11:17 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Hmmm. You seem like a reasonable chap for a youngster, but that Bon Jovi clock's been in the family for an awful long can I be sure you won't flog it up the Portabello Road, or shamelessly parade it on Antiques Roadshow. Mind you, that Bolan scarf sounds tempting. I'll see what the wife says. Bit of an heirloom, that.
A "Les Paul grimace", eh? Heh. Genius, but I can see why you write for The Sport, old boy.


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